Tips on how to start a relationship with trans people

1. Have a deep understanding on transgender people before dating with them

You may know something about transgender people from others, TV, or social media, but it doesn’t mean you really know about transgender people. Before dating transgender people, you’d better research on Google and have a deep understanding on them. One of the best ways to attract transgender people and star a relationship with them is to know them before dating. Most transgender people are friendly, they don’t want to start a date with something unhappy.

2. Respect your date partner

Like all dating, respect can be the most important thing in trans dating. Ask them the right pronoun if you don’t know that, because transgender people really care about their pronouns. Make sure to use the right pronoun in the communication.

Some transgender people are not comfort with certain parts of their bodies, it is called body dysphoria. They may don’t like some parts of their body, or strange to some parts due to gender identity. The uncomfortable parts are different from one person to another. Trans men may don’t want anyone to touch their chest, trans women may don’t want anyone to look at her private parts. Don’t touch these uncomfortable parts even you are familiar with each other.

For ordinary people, body dysphoria is not easy to understand, but if you date a trans person, please respect them and never cross the boundary. If you cannot accept trans people with body dysphoria, you can date someone else.

3. Don’t always treat your date as a trans person

Transgender people are real man and women, don’t just treat them as your fetish. If you are very interested in trans people, and date them as a fetish, you are more likely to be rejected.
Don’t feel unhappy or uncomfortable if your date reject you for they don’t want to be your fetish. Transgender people are not only exist to meet your special dating needs, like all ordinary singles, they want to have a long-term love relationship. If you acknowledge the needs of your date partner, you are more likely to fulfill their needs, as well as transgender people. You need to know more about them, if you want to have a deep relationship with them.

4. You are more likely to be judged by other people when dating with trans people

You should know that you may be judged by other people if you date transgender people. Some transgender people never tell others that they are trans men or women, but as time goes by, the truth can be find out finally. Be ready to accept judgement from others if you really like to date transgender people. After date with someone for a long time, you need to introduce your partner to your family and friends, so you need to make sure that your family and friends can accept transgender people. If you never date a trans person in public place, or don’t want to introduce her to your family and friends, just keep her as a secret, they may feel that you are ashamed of dating with them.