Things not to do on your First Transgender Date

Dating a transsexual woman isn’t quite easy. It takes more efforts and attention as compare to other cis or regular dating. Transsexual women are not real cis women but they want you to treat them as same as you are treating real cis women. You must be very sure about dating a transsexual woman. If you are dating a transsexual woman for a first time and going out on your first transsexual date, than surely you need to know some basic tips about ts dating and off-course about transsexual women. This article is all about transsexual dating especially if it’s your first time and you are felling bit nervous.

While you are on your first transsexual date, it is more important that you have to impress your transsexual date so that you will deserve a second chance. Keep that in mind that it is easier to find a transsexual date but quite hard to maintain your transsexual date for long time. So, besides doing things on your first transsexual date, it is also important that you must know what not to do on your first date and your impression won’t go wrong. If things go right you will definitely get a second chance. In that case, you need to know what these things that you must not do on your first tranny date. Here are the few things that you must not do on your first date.

Don’t call her as Shemale, Ladyboy

If you want to deserve a second chance and your dating will go for long term, than it’s quite mandatory that you must not use these insulting term to any of your transsexual friend especially the one you are dating with. These are the terms that are basically used in porn industry and in Hollywood movies and that is also only for entertainment and fun. But in real life, these terms are quite insulting to any transsexual women. A transsexual woman that owns a self respect will never bear this from anyone. If you are continuously using these terms to your transsexual date and insulting her than you are not getting any chance to date with her again.

Ask your questions wisely

She is your dating partner and not a Google. So make sure there is some sense in asking questions on your first date. Questions about her likes, interest, hobbies are quite okay but if you are asking question about her sexual identity or why she turns up to a transsexual, than surely you are crossing the limits and obviously you are not in a right track. Stop embarrassing her about asking questions on her sexual identity or being a transgender.

Asking for sex favors

It’s your first date and you have to show some patience on your first date. Never ask any sex favors or force her to intimate with you on your first date. This may ruin all your efforts that you make to impress your transsexual woman.