Top Six Reasons Why Men Want to Date Transgender Women

1.Trans women are sexier than genetic girls

Quite frankly, every man is attracted by beautiful girls, and as long as a girl changes more sexiness and charming, men will lose their mind easily. And most of the trans women happen to be incredibly sexy. Because they need to put extra efforts to be more feminine and attractive, they can look more like women than they want. For that reason, they tend to be more sexy and attractive than genetic women out there. Moreover, they pay more attention to their appearance and body shape than genetic women. And they are very interested in make-up and fashion. They also like to be seductive and turning men crazy.

2.Trans women may give more sincerer love

Compare with genetic women, trans girls eager for genuine love and a life time partner. For these transgender girls, it’s difficult to find an open minded and brave men willing to mingle with a trans girl. Because of the social stigmas, stereotype, discriminations, public opinion and some connected to gender identity and sexual orientations, trans girl can’t acceptable to every man. The main thing is that they can’t give children. For a variety of complicated reasons, they happen to be more genuine in the face of love.

3.Trans women are rare

As the saying goes, “When a thing is rare, it becomes precious.”, and transgender women confirmed this. According to some statistics, transgender women make up only one percent of the world’s population and it makes them desirable. That’s the reason why some men are curious and intrigued by the trans women. Nowadays rare things are regarded as a fashion. Take a look at most parts of occident, LGBT is even considered trendy in recent years.

4.Trans women know how to please their man

As a matter of fact, trans women know how to please a man more than genetic women. Trans women know male body structure as much as men do, so they know very well how to please a man when it comes to intimacy and sexually intended. In other words, they are more open-minded and willing to explore the erotic part of the relationship.

5.Trans women have more high sexual appetite than genetic girls

As everyone knows, men usually have a greater sexual desire than women. But for trans women, they share a similar sex appetite as men do. This lead to they have stronger sexual desire than genetic women.

6.Trans girls can’t have unplanned pregnancy

Even though you always engage in safe sex with genetic women, there is a small chance that you will get pregnant. But you don’t need to worry have unexpected pregnancy when you have a trans partner. On the other hand, that’s may be gloomy if you tend to make a family with a trans girl. However, we should pay more attention to the good side. After all, more and more couples are choosing to adopt rather than have children themselves.