Four obvious signs that you’re dating a tranny chaser

1.He often uses the phrase “special woman”

If a man uses the phrase “special woman” a lot on a date with you, then you must be on your guard. That possibly means the men who talk like this trying to meet trans womenbecause he doesn’t know trans women. That is to say, he may date you out of curiosity, not looking for a serious relationship.

2.He’ll tell you straight out that women are hard to deal with

It is well known that men and women tend to think differently. If you have difficult in communicating with women, then switching to transgender women is not a good option either. In fact, the problem may be that you’re too controlling instead of women are too difficult.

3.He just wants to sleep with you

As a matter of fact, open and dirty minds mean nothing. But courtesy will go a long way in helping you. Some chaser don’t seem to be aware the fact that women may just be asked about this kind of questions on a daily basis. It’s clearly that a trans girl’s time is not valuable for such men. These men are only engaged in the achievement and satisfaction of sexual variety and novelty. The men here refer to who are still talking about even though being rejected by a trans woman instead of any man who wants to be with a trans woman. He can’t handle even mildly sarcastic comebacks after showing a lack of respect. Some men have problems when communicating with women and they even can’t handle a trans woman with who can speak up for themself. They may think the problem is not theirs instead of the trans woman is just being difficult.

4.He uses your insecurities as a piece in his game

This is particularly important and don’t ignore this. Almost everyone will encounter setbacks in the pursuit of happiness and you’re no exception. In fact, gender dysphoria can be a truly paralyzing thing and it can be exhausting for trans people. Some men are so clever and vicious that use this to play tricks on you when they know you have it or lack of security.

The trans people is just like a huge sitting duck to a hunter. Because these men target trans people who are still battling dysphoria and not confident in your looks and character. In other words, if you keep receiving negative comments from others without even asking for his opinion. Then you’d better stop getting in touch with him.

Mentioned above are some of the most obvious features of the tranny chaser. And these advices especially for women who have known to date experience and sexual interaction with transgender men. Finally, there are three important things to keep your peace of mind. That is self love, self respect, and observant eye.