Some personal questions that you can ask a guy in trans dating

For most trans women, it is not easy to open someone’s heart and get close to him. Many guys can control their emotions better than women. Once a guy is wiling to share his story with you, you can find it is a new world that you’ve never knew before. One of the best way to know other people is ask questions directly, you can know a lt about him by his answer. However, how to ask questions in the first dating? This is difficult for many trans women. By asking some personal questions you can have a better understanding on the guy you date with. His answer can tell you a lot about his life and personality. From the way he thinking to the way he acting, they can reveal a lot about his life. You may have different opinions with him, but this is a great way to know his idea, his world and even get close to him. When you date a guy next time, you can ask some of the following questions. You don’t need to ask all these questions a day, this is just a way to start a conversation with a man that you don’t know.

1. Do you trust other people easily?

You can know a lot from his answer on this question, such as whether he can really trust you, whether he is lock of security, and is he trustworthy?

2. How do your friends describe you?

The best way to know someone is to ask his friends for advice. Answers from his friends are comprehensive and reliable. When it is impossible to ask his friends in some occasions, you can ask this question to the guy you date with.

3. Do you have a plan for future life?

It seems like a serious question. In fact, many people like to talking about future plan when dating a trans woman, because they want to tell the transgender woman that they are serious in the relationship.

4. Can I see you in the future?

If you are satisfied with the guy you date, you can ask this question to show that you are long for the next date. In most occasions, if a man is interested in the girl, he will invite her for the next trans date at the end of the first date.

5. What’s your main pressure in life?

Most of people are living with great pressure today, but their pressure is different from each other. If the man is willing to share his life pressure with you, it means he can open his heart to you.

6. What inspires you the most in your life?

This is a great topic for dating. You can ask this question to start a conversation. However, you should share some of your stories with your partner as well.

7. How about childhood?

Childhood is an interesting topic for most of people, because it is happy and unforgettable. However, if he don’t want to talking anything about his childhood change a topic immediately.