10 Milestons in Your Transgender Dating

1. The first dating

Your first dating is crucial. As the first milestone, the first trans dating is the key to build a relationship. The first dating should be well prepared. Choose a casual place for your first trans dating, coffee shop and bar are great places for your first ts dating. Relax yourself before dating, try to present the best self yo your transgender dating partner. Your first dating should be fun and special, only in this way can you impress your partner.

2. The first kiss

How to make the first move? The first kiss is an important step to improve your relationship. If you are shy, you can start to kiss the cheek. However, make sure your partner is comfortable with this move. If you like your transgender dating partner, this is also a way to express your love.

3. Common interest

Common interest is the key to keep a long term relationship. What do you always talking about in dating? Common topics are the best choice. Find out what do you have in common in the first shemale dating. This is the best way to maintain a relationship.

4. Deep understanding

After several times of dating, you need to have a deep understanding on your partner. If you want to have a long term relationship with your partner, mutual understanding is necessary. The first shemale dating is not enough for know about your partner, all relationships are based on mutual understanding.

5. Is it what you want?

Once in a love relationship, you need to ask yourself “is it what you want?” Never force yourself yo accept a relationship that you don’t want. When it comes to dating and love relationship, all transgender women should have their own standards, don’t involve in a relationship until meet the right one.

6. Spending time together

No matter how busy you are, spending time together with your partner. Only in this way can you know more about each other, and keep a healthy relationship. Plan a dating or some activities in the weekend, do something interesting together when you are free.

7. Meet your families

If you want to have a long term relationship with your dating partner, you need to introduce her to your families, you also need to meet her families. Dating refers to two people, but a long term relationship or a committed relationship refers to two families.

8. Express your love

Never hesitate to show your love to your partner if she is the one you want. There are many ways to express your love, say “I love you” to her directly, send her a email, write a letter and etc..

9. Meeting friends

Meeting the friends of your partner is a great way to know more about her. If your partner is a transgender woman, you should tell your partner who she is before meeting each other.

10. “we” instead of “I”

Once you are in a love relationship with someone, change your pronoun into “we”. Introduce your partner to all your friends and families.